M R Pai

Mangalore Ranga Pai (1931-2003) was born in Manjeshwar, a town in Kerala bordering Karnataka. He attained Canara High School and went onto complete his undergraduation from the Government College in Mangalore. He graduated from the prestigious Presidency College in Chennai with a BA (Honours) in political science, and secured the coveted Candeth Gold Medal in Political Science. After graduation M R Pai took a job as sub-editor in The Times of India in Bombay where he worked for two years. He then pursued his goal of being a first class journalist by getting admitted to the University of California at Los Angeles(UCLA) where he studied Journalism, and graduated with a first class degree.

After his return to India he worked for a short duration with the New India Assurance Company in Mumbai, but quit when it got nationalizedbecause he did not want to become a “government spokesman”. He then applied for a job in the Public Relations Department of the Tata Industries Ltd. However, he was instead persuaded by F S Mulla, an honorary treasurer at Forum of Free Enterprise (FFE), to join and run FFE as anAssistant Secretary and then later as Secretary. FFE was started by AD Shroff in the year 1956. He remained the full time secretary between 1956 and 1976. He was elected as the Honorary Vice President of the forum in 1976.

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