Sauvik Chakraverti

Sauvik Chakraverti (1956-2014) was an award winning columnist and author whose books, monographs and columns lighted the path of modern Indian liberalism.

Free Your Mind: A Beginner’s Guide to Political Economy
Udarwad: Raj, Samaj aur Bazar ka Naya Paath (Hindi book based on ‘Free Your Mind’)
Antidote 2: For Liberal Governance (MacMillan, 2003)
Antidote: Essays against the Socialist Indian State (MacMillan, 2000)
The Essential Frédéric Bastist (in collaboration with Frederic Naumann Stiftung – FÜR DIE FREIHEIT, published by Liberty Institute)
Self Help: With Illustrations of Conduct and Perseverance, by Samuel Smiles, Abridged and edited by Sauvik Chakraverti (published by Liberty Institute)
Population Causes Prosperity, CCS Viewpoint 2
Peter Bauer: A True Friend of the World’s Poor, CCS Viewpoint 4
Four Wheels for All: The case of Rapid Automobilisation of India (2008)
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