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The Indian Libertarian

‘The Indian Libertarian’ was a fortnightly journal, founded in 1954 by Indian liberal, Ranchhoddas Bhuvan Lotwala, and edited by his daughter Kusum R Lotwala. This edition (Vol. 8, No. 5) of the journal was published on June 1, 1960. The editorial covers the Summit Conference of 1960, developments in the Russia-Pakistan relations as well as Israel-Palestine conflict, and the tenth Commonwealth Conference, among others. The journal also publishes articles contributed by several writers. This edition contains works of M. N. Tholal, Sidney Hook and Henry Hazlitt, and in its ‘Rationalist Supplement’, articles by S. Ramanathan, Christopher N Finney and Walter Breen. The journal also features book reviews, a Delhi-specific column and letters to the editor. The main topics of discussion in this edition include the rising tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union in the international sphere, and economic and political developments in the domestic sphere. The latter includes the establishment and policy declaration of one of the earliest classical liberal political parties in India, the Swatantra Party, and opinion pieces on religion, caste, rationalism and rising inflation.