Gopal Krishna Gokhale
Gopal Krishna Gokhale
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Sudha R. Shenoy
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Sharad Anantrao Joshi
Sauvik Chakraverti
Sauvik Chakraverti
Minoo Masani
Minoo Masani
Nani Palkhivala
Nani Palkhivala
S. V. Raju
S. V. Raju
Pandita Ramabai
Pandita Ramabai
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anandibai joshi
Anandibai went from being married at the age of nine by her orthodox family to becoming India's first female doctor of Western medicine.
Ali was the president of the All India Women's Conference and a founding member of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.
Das remains cemented in Bengali history through her liberal outlook, individualism, and reformist efforts.
Janaki Ammal was India's first woman botanist. Awarded Padma Shri for her contributions in 1977, Dr Ammal showed unmatched scientific rigour.
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Fundamental Rights: Our Protection Against Tyranny
But if we are to alter the Fundamental Rights, then, it is my humble but most earnest submission, that the arbiter must be the people themselves
The Role of Judiciary in Parliamentary Democracy
There is no better test of the excellence of a Government than the efficiency of the Judicial system. If the law is dishonestly administered, the salt has lost savour.
The Essence of Democracy
“The state is made for the individual and not the individual for the State”. This is a basic principle of liberal democracy.
Forty-Three Years of Independence
Never before in history, and nowhere else in the world today, has one-sixth of the human race existed as a single free nation.
In the name of socialism, we ignored individual enterprise and looked to the state to provide the impetus for growth and removal of poverty.
In order to attain a speedy development of the country's economy in all its aspects, every section of the community must play its own part


M. G. Ranade on Wealth Creation
The genius of Ranade lies in the fact that he used data to substantiate his economic arguments. He used ballpark estimates when data wasn’t easily available.
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The Life & Legacy of Dr Janaki Ammal
IL Explainer – Ep 6 | Why Are Fundamental Rights Not Amendable?
IL Explainer – Ep 5 | Free Enterprise and Freedom
IL Explainer – Ep 4 | Socialism Reconsidered by Minoo Masani
IL Explainer – Ep 3 | Streer Potro by Rabindranath Tagore
IL Explainer – Ep 2 | Sultana’s Dream by Begum Rokeya
IL Explainer – Ep 1 | Economic Growth with Social Justice by B.R. Shenoy
N.G. Ranga – Guardian of Peasants’ Rights
A.D. Shroff – Champion of Free Enterprise
Swatantra Party : India’s First Liberal Party


“My heartiest congratulations to your team for this wonderful work. With this you have given permanency to the views, thoughts and philosophy of India’s great liberal minds of our post-independence period – of course, many of them were active even during the independence struggle. This website is very well thought out and well designed. It will help in strengthening the liberal philosophy and ideas and go a long way in enriching India’s democratic institutions. I am sure through its blog it will generate relevant healthy debate which will support the process of liberal policy making not only in our country, but in other parts of the world.”


Advisor, Economic and Government Policy, Tata Strategic Management Group

“India has suffered from so many imported ideologies that failed elsewhere. They failed India, too, but too few intellectuals understood that there is a deeply rooted tradition of liberty in India, the same philosophy that has brought prosperity, freedom, and peace to the world. brings that great tradition to the public it deserves. As India shakes off decades of statist stagnation Indians are prospering, gaining global respect as entrepreneurs, scientists, mathematicians, artists, and creators, and embracing their own tradition: liberty, rule of law, free exchange, and dignity. I have benefited from exploring the great tradition of Indian liberalism that was for so long only available to a small number of librarians and curators. This project will enrich India and the world.”…


Senior Fellow at CATO Institute and Vice President at the Atlas Network

“All Indians can be proud of the achievements of a batch of brilliant intellectuals that spoke out in the name of individual liberty & human dignity. And they did so against overwhelming odds and isolation. Whereas Statism seems part of the Indian political DNA, their fresh thinking was a breath of fresh air in a political milieu riven with collectivist instincts. One great surprise was the listing of “The Indian Libertarian”, a publication that was unknown to me as it must have been to many others! The hearty efforts of these brave souls provide evidence that the cause for individual liberty & human dignity is not lost. Indeed, now is the time to take up their cause so that all Indians can learn to know the benefits of Peace, Love, Trade & Liberty! Kudos to the Centre for Civil Society for their sterling efforts in bringing this wonderful project to fruition.”


Visiting professor of Economics , Universidad Francisco Marraquin, Guatemala

“The portal reminds us that there has been a tradition in India for a liberal polity. It is almost a civilisational principle and it is facilitated by the fact that we are such a rich and diverse country. It is also important that we start using alternate media for getting our message out and the idea of documenting this tradition is an excellent beginning.”


Indian Journalist, Author and Politician

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